Its all inside YOU!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….just caught up with my breath!

As if I was drowning deep within an ocean maybe!!

Feel like I am going to dive in deep once more, yeah!

I always love to see what silence can teach to me!!

I hear my imaginations talk to one another like friends!

Though I never introduced them at once but so they chose!!

Good they will make true friends, that is my instinct!

And for that little while I will peep in the soul of mine!!

Even when an ocean is empty it possesses valuables!

Don’t know what I will find but I have to explore all of it!!

Living in fears of losing or not getting something is waste!

When you have faith in you, you do take risk for your dreams!!


Faith of a Smile :)

That one day, I reached up to this place!

People knew it by its name and fame!!

Surrounding me I found infinite mirrors!

Sparkling to dull they were of all form!!

I stood still seeing one that appeared nice!

It reciprocated smile when I smiled!!

Then I turned a little bit and saw besides me!

There was this mirror so dull and unattended!!

I wiped the dust off with my fingers!

Then smiled…for sometime nothing came!!

Surprised and confused I stood there firm!

Smiled with more of passion as I could have!!

Soon it became alive like the smiles themselves!

It smiled and never stopped the smiling again!!


Being with the moment and defining your own way!

It lets you feel that there is much more than we say!!

The cycles of smiles and weeping rivers take a turn!

Once in a while we do switch the various gates!!

Before we start with something, we need to listen!

To what heart speaks about shouting and loud!!

Micropyramids they are and will remain there!

Till we conquer them, until we be huge than them!!

Discovering Resilience

How does is feel when you buy something that was yours?

Be sure there was no else but you who was looking for cure!

You let your blocks form a tower and then ruined all of it!

Still time gave you the chance to create what was in pieces!!

Then when you are kind and trust your beliefs tell you, see!

How much with ease you then follow a path which is blind!!

In life thus, no matter what cages you like the caged bird!

Break the prison that holds you at a place for so very long!!

Don’t settle down comforted in a nest of your happy times!

Run out, be adventurous, dive, jump and fall till life rhymes!!

Love yourself (you are special)

The times you fight with all your might!
To conquer happiness and joys bright!!

You do see back and you do see now!
Separated it seems, somewhere anyhow!!

Givers give and takers take, they do so!
As that is how the moments balance!!

What ‘was’…may not remain what ‘is’!
Better or worse…life you have to kiss!!

Embracing your own ‘self’ makes you!
Forget and forgive all that breaks you!!

Sprinkling notes!

Teasing and bowing at the same moment!

A dew drop flows through leaf and plunge down!!

To yet again become one among the thousands!

Feeling the essence of a family that it holds!!

Pleasurable sweet waterfall falls in its juvenile!

Thrusting the ground and softening the rocks!!

Tiny whirlpools present in the ways gather!

Embrace whatever remains precious with time!!

Some sweet nights of peace

Was a star-lit night and I left from home,

Followed the meadows and then halted!!

Looked above again and saw the night-sky,

Lots and lots of members greeted me from there!!

‘Hey’! I said and a cool breeze pampered me,

I wish we could be friend, all of us!!

No more prisms we want to know us,

Just like we all are, we must accept!!

But we must have gathered here for something,

Which is shared by the vision we all have!!

We see and then we believe in it,

Just need to tear apart the boundaries!!

Then I came back following the passage,

Slept calm and nice in my cozy bed!!