‘Sunrise’- The bliss of life

The time when Sun says hello to our world is the time of new hopes. With good morning wishes the birds start chirping in the outdoors. If we can gather some energy and get out of our cocoon-ed spaces, then we also can experience the goodness of the living, which is all natural and inspiring.

Even if its one Sun and one of its most beautiful family member i.e. Earth, we do have many a varied sunrises all over the corners of this planet. Isn’t that such an amazing thing? There is a sunrise that kisses the platform of the seas and make the waters warm with its igniting love. And then there is a sunrise that sparks warm love to the snow-clad mountains. A bird which has been hunting for its prey so as to feed its little ones, comes to its nest and finds its offsprings yelling with desire to get food in the shine and sparkle of the Sun.

Even the darkest of the corners do get filled with some hope of light in their lives when they see that there is a distant land that is receiving bliss. There are so many things that you get to see clearly in the light. Wish of a sunrise and embrace it with love everyday and you won’t feel a bit of sadness at your heart. All that would be left is just the bliss.

Will give you a small exercise that you can get time and try for sure:

  1. Get up early in the morning (just before the sunrise).
  2. Stand with open arms towards the east.
  3. Embrace the Sun and try feeling it as a power source of your life.
  4. Close your eyes and believe that there is nothing under the sky that you cannot accomplish.
  5. Slowly open your eyes and let the breathing be normal. Sip in some water and just rejoice.

Wishing you a happy sunrise in your life!


23 thoughts on “‘Sunrise’- The bliss of life

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