‘The Proposal’

Just one fine day I will write thousands notes for you

And all music will have the beat of my heart!

Just one fine day I will fly the skies holding you close to me

And all the directions would be of the happiness!

Just one fine day I will paint all this space with your beauty

And all the boundaries will get dissolved at once!

Just one fine day I will start a story of my own

And all words of it will be synonymous to love


‘Bitter’ means ‘Better’

Those lovely days when I used to eat bitter gourds!

Taught me something much more meaningful!!

Life is nothing unless you feel the bitter taste!

It makes you think that why at all its so much bad!!

But then you perceive the difference and get enlightened!

The path which is not the one you desired…teaches you a lot!!

It brings to you the finest grains of to be earned wisdom!

Ones that take it…do have the brightest chance to make it!!

Knowledge never comes easy though it seems to be!

A whole lot of interest, passion and perseverance are needed!!

In bitter of the experiences life yield the bread of happiness!

There is the key to joy which opens a box that reads, “Bitter means better”!!

Strength of a Determination

 I still don’t know…where it went?

A careless dream…the broken joy’s vessel!

Towards me, came the memory

Frozen and rigid…unforgettable!

Appearing and disappearing I watch,

Footsteps playing with the sand dunes!

Passed so many wishing wells

But never lend a coin to them!

Murmurs of dark with the silence breeze

Pass the message of agony nestled with ease!

Not just an orphan thought this is

The way I live…is ‘life’ to me!

Dreams of my

Let me find you…when there is no hope!

And see you…in darkest of nights!!

I know I have the passion…the one needed!

To explore you among…the crowded of hives!!

When I say that I breathe no more…I do mean!

And then I utter, “Be with me”…that is certain!!

Why above all truths…I have accepted the lie?

Don’t you see…what my purest heart can buy?

Here are the small figments that I have found!

Many more…still to be discovered and bind!!

Let me fly high…even above the sky!

Where I need no wings…’dreams of my’!!

‘Drizzling Bliss’

As we walk holding hands glued like heartbeats!

From the heaven above will pour down the rain!!

I will pluck a wild red flower and offer it to you!

Then we shall dance with the dancing rain-droplets!!

Moving slowly but in the direction of a blessed way!

Emotions shall then turn us into lovers of love!!

Great moments will then come out pouring on us!

Like the cool breeze that kisses sea waves with passion!!

From beginning to end we will celebrate this existence!

Of us being so known to the essence of togetherness!!

Such a bliss, such a life, such a dream, such a joy!

May never thus end this rain-filled burning sky!!

Dancing fumes

Beset with the vigor that serves to be best!

High rising incense and to down it settles!!

Mystic pathways let it go wherever it wants!

The lesser green meadows of love and passion!!

Peppered with emotions to its crested feet!

Intermingling inside the modest blue streaks!!

Forever young imbibed the role kind and hearty!

Pretending to know nothing at all but chastity!!

Playful it must become with the coming travels!

And never picture to what the painter will draw!!

Forgotten ‘little’ pockets

While untying the knots and opening that gift,

The kid was so eager to know what it had for him!

A garden of candies?…or a playground for him to have fun?

The kid thus thought of a whole lot of possibilities!

And then at last, got to know what it really was!

‘New trousers’! The kid yelled with joy and surprise!!

Counted the four little pockets and then wore it…to flaunt!

Wherever the kid went, he was appreciated!!

Moments thus he cherished with everyone around!

the days became beautiful and as an explorer he roamed!!


An old man came to the drawers and saw a little filthy pair of trousers!

Who they belong to?,,,he hath no idea!

Inspected the fabric…it looked familiar to touch and feel!

Finally searched the little pockets!!

A rounded pebble, a decayed sea shell with other things so many and small!

Down came the tears…as what appeared foreign was his own treasure!!

Those little pockets just like the forgotten chest!

Showed him what really precious possessions are!!