A Stolen Identity (The actual beginning)

Shreyas was standing upon the bridge. He was so mesmerized by the beauty and ambiance of the surroundings. Of all those years he spent in Mumbai he has never been in so much peace. The life of a metro has gone all so far. Now he was there in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh enjoying a lot with his bike. He was so good at his work. A boy 30 years old working in the topmost of the companies as a PR agent. What else can one desire for?

“Saahib ji chai k saath kuch aur lenge kya?” (Sir, would you like to eat something with you tea?) the tea-vendor asked from Shreyas. The man asked again as Shreyas was all hypnotized by the beauty of the place or maybe it was the river below flowing with all that noise that Shreyas needed some extra ears to hear the call. “Nahin. Chai he kafi hai” (No thanks. Just tea will do!) Shreyas said to him. “Naam kya hai tumhara? Yahin k rehne wale ho?” (May I know your name please? And do you belong to these parts?) The man who looked like someone in the greatest of peace and satisfaction said “Sahib naam mein kya rakha hai?…waise sab pyar se Pulwala kehte hain.” (What resides in the name? Though, I am fondly addressed as Bridge-man by the natives) The former sentence took back Shreyas to his schooldays. He still remembered how much he used to love Shakespeare in those days. Coming back from his lost self Shreyas summoned,  “Baat to sahi hai Pulwaale bhaiyaji.” (You speak true just like a saint, O Bridgeman!)

He took a sip from the tea-cup and closed his eyes. “Chai bahut acchi banate ho aap.” (You tea is just too precious!) “Sahibji bus yehi to ek kaam hai jisspar pet palta hai. Isse to accha karna he hoga.” (Sir, this is the only thing that I have mastered, I have to maintain my quality) Shreyas continued with his tea. He had quite a great experience travelling in Himalayas. (to be continued…..)


A Stolen Identity (Part I)



The evening sparrows have just started their chirping and Sun was set far in the west when he woke up from a sleep that he needed badly. It took him a while to believe that he actually had slept for the entire daytime. Anyhow, he wore his jacket and left the room switching off the light bulb that wasn’t put off for past few hours. 

The early evening time, he had always loved it. For him it was bliss to see that how the so colourful world existing around him turned slowly and steadily to the darker hues until the pretty lanes start illuminating with the lampposts. In a zippy he left for his favourite post! “Will I see her again?”…An unanswered question that he expected to find the resolve for!


And yet again he headed toward that unseen path which many must have forgotten by now. The deciduous trees of the winter island were making him realize the time that was elapsing soon enough…


There he stood by the driveway of that big missionary where children used to play all during their daytime. He waited for about an hour and then lit a cigarette to find out that it is a ‘non-meeting day’ (only Saturdays and Sundays were allowed for the foreigners to the missionaries to enter the premises). Shreyas stood there firm and determined…He just wanted to say her ‘hello’……………!

“Swift and Sweet”

Swift and Sweet

Time moves fast…It really does!

Maybe that is all it has known!!

So it keeps moving ahead…

So as to never stop as such!!

And as I see from here…the winding clock!

I wonder how beautifully time wraps emotions!!

In my mind, I travel a single second…an endless times!

Just to discover that it was only a second!!

But how elegant and unique…it affords to be!

Like none other can ever dupe its identity!!

“In Here” (the ubiquitous identity)

Deep in here… I find a different trance!

Something that brings me to an entrance!!

Lucky times, cozy moments and all that is good!

Seeing that all nice like usual is my greatest call!!

Freed and whatever else I could be…when I mention!

Just like me…you too like to break free!!

Bring on what you have conceived till today!

I know, my soul is versatile than them all!!

Regions…dark; and the grey ones…they say!

Won’t be my way…as long as I resist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But who says that I am not a rebel?

My blood will ooze out for the loveliest death!!