“Story of a sick-minded guy! If you find him, take him to a doctor!”


Such a bright sunny day with little of breeze that sparks hope of nearby winters coming to our doors. At a place like Delhi everyone loves this normalizing weather. And maybe this was what this guy enjoying a ride on his bicycle was thinking as he rode at a very normal pace!
BANG………………..! A car coming from the wrong direction and that too at a raging speed hits the bicycle guy! Poor soul he will need a doctor now. Thank God the hospital was near and he was taken there by not-so-concerned-at-times metropolitan people.
Although the car went on without stopping and the sick-minded guy in it doesn’t even care to clear the mess he just created. (We all fear the worst and think about escaping from the site of an accident but those who can confront the situation are real people. Man of steel they are! )Well, this sick-minded guy wasn’t the same. Do you know what actually led him to drive crazily like that in almost empty road? Well, a thing we love the most these days actually. ‘A Smartphone!’ The sick-minded guy was looking into his phone, probably messaging his friend or girlfriend, maybe replying someone on WhatsApp, updating his Facebook Status or might just be checking the latest hit video on YouTube. Who knows?
Whatever the sick-minded guy was doing I just pity his personality. He looked someone from a well-to-do-family. A person who might be getting good amount of money at work but this sick-minded guy doesn’t have any respect for life and humanity. I don’t know how much messages he will respond while driving his car (You probably can see lots of people driving with their smartphones in their hands these days, sorry to say most of them are women but this has nothing to with gender). Anyways, there are so many such sick-minded people out there and if you find anyone of these around you take them to a doctor as soon as possible! They need attention.
Coming back to the poor bicycle guy, he just got a job in a factory and it was his first day as a daily wage laborer at work. He got a fracture in his leg and has lost his job and all the money he had. I gave him some money and asked few people around to help the young boy. Soon he had some money to return to his hometown. While going on his way he thanked humane people who helped him and said, “Bhaiyaji, ek din main wapis aaunga, khoob kamaunga shehar aakar, gaadi lunga aur kabhi kisi ko galti se thokar maari bhi to usse sadak pe chhorh kar wahan se bhagunga nahin!”
(Brother! One day I will return one day in this city, probably buy a car and if I somehow hit anyone on road I won’t leave the poor fellow in agony)
P.S. Apart from doing accidents such sick-minded people play a big part in traffic jams as they keep on texting without noticing that the green light signal has went ON! I just pray you are not one among them!!
(A Social media story by Harshen)
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