Story of a Boy who used to See Jesus Coming Every Christmas (Happy Birthday my friend, Jesus!)

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It’s Christmas time! Ever wondered why every year you feel so much of joy and recreated enthusiasm to celebrate this wonderful day with your loved ones. Or even if you are lone wandering and thinking why there is no companion with you to be a part of this festivity, you still will close eyes as the clock strikes 12 at night. For a moment everyone feels like there is hope. Most of us feel that way! You feel like doing well, express you happiness with smiles and laughter. Parents love to play with their kids and so do the kids love spending time with elder people. Christmas brings everyone together! For a while a believer of hope and faith feels like as if this was a special day. A day when earth rises up to heaven and Almighty fondly caress every soul with his compassion and love.

So Christmas means a lot to everyone in small or big ways. I remember my mother cooking for us mouthwatering dishes on this day. I could never thank her enough for how she taught me humanity before telling me the worldly tactics. I was born as an elder child to a Christian mother and a Hindu father and so I read Geeta in the morning and at night carefully enjoyed studying the Bible. There was so much of commonality in both the Holy Scriptures but I will not start up with any form of comparison in this article. Let us just stick to Christmas.

By now I guess you must have figured out that who plays the role of boy in the story I am going to tell you!


Boy: Mother Merry Christmas!

Mother (while burning her wishes written on paper using a candle): Merry Christmas my child. May God bless you!

Boy: So what did you wish for?

Mother: One must never speak about the wish that had been made.

Boy: Oh! Don’t tell me then.

Mother: Come my child, let us eat.


The day has been over and the boy was resting in his bed. He was feeling warm and had a kind of joy in his heart. There lied on his chest his most loved companion after his mother- his cat! There was something going in the boy’s mind and his thoughts were expressive putting a peaceful smile on his face.


The cool breeze was making everything freeze around. In the ‘light of moon’ two figures (one big and one small were clearly visible on the rooftop!

Boy: (Apparently talking to his cat) You know Duro (that was the name given to the cat when it was found as a stray kitten which was too weak but quite attractive) when you were a kitten, Dad brought you into the house. He was the one who used to hate cats and that day we were all shocked to see him holding you in his hands. I just want to tell you, ‘You really are special buddy!’ Merry Christmas. God bless you!

Duro: (As if holding so many words and expression within its ‘cat-mind’ slowly rubbed his whiskers and right check to the lap of the boy)


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Boy: They say when Jesus was born there was this really big star that dazzled like a neatly cut diamond. It was so bright that even moonlight appeared dim in its glow.

(Boy closed his eyes and held his spine straight as if going into a meditative pose)


The Inner Voice of the Boy: It sure feels different on this day.

I know you are loving the sound of wind passing through numerous pine needles and making the trees swing, as if they are dancing in joy.

I know you are imagining people all over the world praying to God, thanking Him and also at the same time spending time with their loved ones. This is not what a human does every day.

I can fully understand the excitement you hold in your little heart. I can perceive the sparkles of passionate heartbeats pouring out from you just like shooting stars in the sky.

I can sense that you love everyone but what you love the most is Him. Isn’t it?

The boy opened his eyes and again the same smile was there on his face.

It was the time he make his wish!

It was the time he knew someone is going to listen him!

It was the time he wanted to see a Jesus like he has known every year!


He closed his eyes again and murmured

A Prayer:

“God I do not want anything from you. There is so much that you have given to me the most important of which are my parents and the loved ones. I know you have some tests ahead for me and I am committed to excel in each one of them.

If ever you feel like I am not doing my part correctly do guide me. Do hold my hand as I will need you all through my journey and even after that.


Slowly tears started rolling from the cheeks of the boy.

I can never imagine what you have gone through Jesus my friend. I do not know you as a God rather a companion. You came to enlighten people with knowledge and they hung you up that way! I can never imagine what you went through.

Even after facing all those atrocities you heal hearts with your divine love and faith. It is so wonderful.

Why I keep feeling you all around me, especially on this day, the day of your birth?

I have even seen you standing in front of my eyes many a times, felt your hands holding mine when I am in trouble.

“If I tell that to a believer of you, maybe he will say that it is just an imagination. You know sometimes humans act strangely. They will say they believe you and they will be the ones who will question you, challenge you and forget you but I will not.”

Even if this is my imagination, I just want to keep imagining like that…because I want to see you coming every Christmas!

Jesus is born

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Happy Birthday my friend, Jesus!


And here is this lovely and one of the favorite song dedicated to Jesus that I love hearing and sing as well 😀



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