Life is all about of what you love…(a story is in there for you!)

One fine day you are born on this beautiful planet and that is the day you start your journey of life. Just take in a simple thought that our very existence here is a testimony of love, the love that was found between two different human beings and the same were later known to us as our parents. Parents love their child and keep giving the little human life with so much of compassion, care, love and affection. Few are not so lucky and they are left to face the world without any parentage and hope. Poor souls who miss growing under warm love of their parents. God find His way through other humans so as to give them a hope, a life…well, He does that most of the times. Still some remain unlucky who seldom experience life of love…Alas!

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Today, I am born

With my eyes

I see this world all so nice!


They call me theirs and hold me with love

I do not know them but I do believe their words!


When I am in pain they look so sad

With my giggles they keep up their laughs!

Faces..young and old and many stories that I have been told!

 Rain and Sun so very different

Both of them I am here to get!


And like that…

There are so many things

I can see!

With these eyes

I see this world all so nice!!


And you…..?


Soon the child getting nourished with love is also exposed to other emotions some of which remain constructive whereas some other relating to negative as such. A lot of conflict appears to the funny mind that gets confused mostly in adolescent age. Now, that little child, a bit grown-up, cannot trace out where his/her happiness is? Many that hold hard to the feedings of love received by their family and friends stay on constructive path and even figure out their passion and love.

Some get too confused and could no more relate to what they have been told and experienced all through the first phase of their journey of life. These are the ones that need to experience love! Love, as I believe is a ‘secret dimension of life’. It is the part that is independent of all factors as when you love someone or something, you lose the knowledge of time and other known dimensions. I am sure the believers of science would curse me for coming up with this stupid hypotheses: P


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I have met people who say they love physical things around them. Let us look into a snippet of conversation that I happened to eavesdrop at while travelling in a bus long time ago.

On a seat of three, there were three different people, sitting in a bus.

Towards the window, sat an elderly man appearing to enjoy a healthy life even in his 80s.

Seated next to him, middle seat of course was middle aged man, looking a bit unhealthy from appearance but wearing quite an expensive clothes….

And I was there on that third seat, a college student at that point of time.

All done with the characterization, let me begin with the conversation:

Old Man: Isn’t that such a lovely day! (as if trying to initiate a talk with the man seated just next to him)

Middle Aged Passenger: (As if with all his sarcasm) What is the use of it if one cannot reach the destination in time! Hey you! Mr. Driver! Can’t you drive a bit fast?

Old Man: What happened son? Are you getting late for somewhere?

Middle Aged Passenger: Sir, I needed to get in time to the city. Had a meeting there and this bus is going to take years to reach there as I suppose.

Old Man: Do not worry son. At least you will be there today and you can always postpone the meeting!

Middle Aged Passenger: (Laughing loudly in an arrogant manner) It’s is not like yours age anymore where people used to delay things and mismanage everything. How I wish I were born then and enjoy doing nothing in time!

Old Man: You are being too judgmental my son! (As Old man uttered these words he looked out from the window. One might have thought that he was enjoying the roadside scenes from a moving bus but to me he appeared like turning pages of his years lived….I do have a tendency to read people philosophically)

 Old man looking out of a bus window

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Soon the bus stopped. Everyone went outside to get some fresh air and get some snacks for themselves. As I had some snacks with me so I stayed there only. The only person amongst us three on that seat to get outside of the bus was the old person sitting near the window. Meanwhile the middle aged man talked on the phone pleading at one phone call whereas shouting abusively on his tour operator in the next call.

I could see the old man taking a walk in a nearby park to the bus station. I saw him feeding few hungry stray dogs with bread and offerings seeds to the birds around. I really like this old man and was at the same time feeling irritated with the middle aged person who was creating a lot of nuisance with his loud voice for me as well as other passengers seated in the bus.

Anyhow the conductor blew the whistle and the bus again started to continue the rest half of the journey. The old man was prompt to listen to the whistle sound and was soon back at his window seat.


Old Man:   (holding out a food packet to me) Take this son! You must be hungry.

(I took the packet and thanked him. I was surprised why I did so as never before I took food from any stranger in the bus. Maybe it was because I could relate to this old man.)

The Middle Aged Passenger was busy answering to his calls. Soon his mobile signal got low and he disconnected the call he was responding to. To respite of many poor souls who have been hearing his howling voice for more than an hour now, he put his mobile inside his bag!

Old Man: (offering another food packet to the Middle Aged Passenger) Take this my son!

Middle Aged Passenger: No Sir, I am fine. Thank you! (I was happy to see that at least this man had some courtesy of saying a thank you)

Old Man: I insist, please take this! It is a long journey and I suppose you have not eaten anything.

Middle Aged Passenger: (Holding up a rude expression) I told you I do not want it! Why are you irritating me? You Old fool!

Hearing this, someone from behind our seat shouted “People have gone so rude these days”

Old Man: I am sorry son! So sorry to bother you! God bless you

Middle Aged Passenger: (now getting a little placid) Do not say so Sir! In fact I apologize for my behavior!

Old Man: It is okay son! So, if I may ask again and not to offend you in any way…would you like to grab a bite? (he again held the food packer with smiling face towards that Middle Aged Passenger)

I am sure that everyone in the bus was looking towards that Middle Aged Passenger at that point of time. There was so much of silence in there. Even a passenger who has been singing in a low voice from behind paused for a moment.

Middle Aged Passenger: Thank you Sir! (To my surprise and like everyone else’s the bad man in the story took the packet!

Soon both of them got into a larger part of conversation. I would take the conversation between these two of my fellow passengers in the next post.

There was something the Old Man made that Middle Aged Passenger realize that day!

Would you like to know about it?

I suppose each one of you is having a great time while saying bye to year 2014. I wish you all a very Happy New Year with your loved ones. Here is a little video that I saw and want you to see as well. The video has been filmed by a wonderful person named Joe Riquelme, aka YouTube user Joey Trombone,who only graduated from college in 2006, but his iPhone video editing app is so popular that Joe was able to give his parents a super nice Christmas gift!


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